The Flow of Creativity


Just as I am writing this I’m sitting in skype-meeting after skype-meeting, going through tonnes of e-mails if you may, and time is at the essence. It seems we have obtained the lost secret ingredient to make the best possible pitch-video for our project on Indiegogo, be as creative and enjoy what you’re doing!

Can’t leak to much info on what it will be like, that’d ruin the excitement for us and the immediate impact for you guys. What I can say is that it involves some drawing, and professional filming done by Artyvision (check them out at

The trip consists of 5 major stops:  Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia by bus and train. The list of entrepreneurs that have shown interest is piling up but there is always room for more, know anyone?

Will be back shortly with an update, until then, Au revoir




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