Pan African Radio Station and UNZA


Today has been a long busy day. We started off by visiting the post-office to send the last post-cards.  The plan was, after that, to meet our dear friend Brighton M.K at 8.30 and walk to the Pan-African radio-station. That never happened due to bad communication. We asked around but no one had heard about the PA. Finally we found a man that had heard about the PA, so he lead us 200 meters further down the road and pointed at a building with satellite-dishes and antennas on the roof and we thought: this must be it! 10 minutes before airing we had to run 9 floors just to find ourselves in the wrong radio-station. Fortunately, the receptionist knew where PA was and so we ran back downstairs hopped into a taxi and got arrived just in time.


Children and Youth was developed  a year ago, intended to involve youth in big questions e.g environmental policy. Brighton thought that it’d be an excellent idea give some Swedish – or rather foreign – opinions alongside reaching out to all the listeners with our project and it’s purposes. That said, today’s topic revolved around corruption. We shared our viewpoints on how it affects society and drew similarities to tax fraud in Sweden. The discussion smoothly transitioned into freedom of speech and the importance of objective media. In general, it is but one way of argumentation:freedom of speech is a necessity; and,  in that sense, today was undistinguished but that does not subtract any value from the main goal’s significance.



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