“Innovation, Partnerships and Seeking New Solutions: Development Assistance in the 21st Century

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Yesterday we went to a seminar in stockholm to listen to the U.S Embassy and Dr. Rajiv Shah for the United States Agency for International Development discussing how innovation and entreprenuership is a key to eradicating extreme poverty. Dr. Shah spoke about countries that recieved aid from the U.S in the past such as South Korea and Taiwan, which are now important businesspartners. He said that development-countries are capable of helping themselves grow out of poverty which goes hand in hand with our way of seeing it. Although aid is needed sometimes such as in the Philippines right now, the long road out of extreme poverty and misery is fought by the people who experience it.

He also talked about how development aid is political. Private investing makes it impossible not to be. ”Sometimes that gets us thrown out of a country, but we always follow President Obamas principals.” Whether that is right or not we leave unsaid.
Unforseen problems where brought up. Even though the charts showed that more and more kids went to school in development countries, the teaching got worse. That is due to overcrowding. So as girls education went up, literacy went down.

All in all it seems that solutions to these problems are on the way and the mindset of development agencies are changing. That the end of poverty lies within the borders of the development countries is something Dr. Rahiv Shah is aware of.

Johannes Eklind & Tg Teigland



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