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Dan Shechtman – World Demographics and Technological Entrepreneurship

Hi there!

Yesterday we attended the seminar  ”World Demographics and Technological Entrepreneurship – a Key to Peace and Prosperity” held by Dan Shechtman. It was truly inspirational.
He talked about his Course in Technion called “Technological Entrepreneurship” where he teaches “techies” how to start and run a business. Doing so by inviting Israeli entrepreneurs to talk about their experience and all the setbacks they have encountered. Dan believes technological entrepreneurship should be taught at an early age, which is why he is currently working on a Tv-show i Israel aiming to teach 5-year olds science.  He also spoke a little bit of how winning the Nobel-prize changes your life enormously and that there are really not much things you can’t do when you win it.

“I try to inspire to inspire, that is before I expire”

It was a very fascinating Seminar and we hope that these new insights will prove valuable in the future.

Johannes & TG