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Takin’ the Bus

The meeting with Priscilla got moved to Monday and since we’re going to Kitwe this afternoon I decided to dedicate today’s post to something else.

The other day, while Brighton was telling me about the meeting(s) we were sitting on a bus. Taking the bus is a story worth telling.

To be honest it seems to be a random shuttle passing, creating the ever-awake abundant public-transportation system of Lusaka. To some, it may seem aloofly unpolished and somewhat incomparable to the service offered back at home (The orthodox approach isn’t squeezing twelve people in on nine seats). Depending on how rich the conductor is on change you will pay +/- 1 kwacha vis-a-vis your neighbor. So far it seems to bother no-one nor do they expect a token of appreciation. To me, its genuinely Spartan ticket-system prompting its simplicity – relatively related to how the new app, UBER, operates – is just phenomenal.


In Lusaka wrappin’ it up

Today has been such a lovely day, even in the middle of the winter tanning is an option (not that I had time)! The plan was to: do a reshoot of Marcel Deiss on microfinancing – check; walk around town film people “in action” and finally be interviewed at PanAfrican radio-station but we never got time for that. Here’s why. During the early hours of awake I was filming Marcel while Brighton attended a meeting to plan for an upcoming conference UNICEF is holding. Patrick Slavin, the head of commission in Zambia, got acquainted with our work. He wanted to meet us to further talk about the documentary and the crowdfunding-company launching in September i.e the radio-station had to wait.

We met Patrick and spoke about my background, the documentary and intertwining the gap crowdfunding should fill with the goals of the agents of youth foundation. All in all, even though I felt intimidated by coming unprepared and in shorts we managed to make an impression for he offered his help in terms on marketing both the documentary and the platform. A huge deal and we’re really thankful for his efforts in our bilateral goals in creating the future!

Also, we met Priscilla and we’re doing an interview on Friday morning when Brighton has his exams, things are really on the move!