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Youth Changes Radio

This morning I had to bid farewell to Sigrid, Moe and Marcel. Great meeting old friends and making new! What are the odds that we would meet again after barely two months!?

We just left from the recording at PanAfrican and are now at the piazza and I had an early lunch. It was a deliciously yummy chicken Shiwarma. Currently we are waiting to meet up with Josephine and then leave for Chuwurma for the Agents of youth campaign. In a sentence – it basically empowers youth with the skills of media. Engaging youth through motivational interactive speeches and workshops to passionately acknowledge the power that lies within the radio. Brighton and Josephine work in really great symbiosis – quick-thinking and attention-grasping are but two talents they master; I’m honored for being part of such a meaningful project.


Airing on ZNBC

Today we got to meet up with V, A friend of Brighton working for the national television channel ZNBC. First,  we had an interview so she could have some pre-made questions for the tv-show. We went on to being interviewed about our company Aleepa. Aleepa is a crowdfunding platform focusing on emerging markets. We see a gap for access to funding startups as well as the opportunity to receive funding through mobile-payments. It went really well and it will be aired next Saturday. So don’t mind tuning in @ 1PM if you happen to be in Zambia!