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Getting Cozy With the Rwandan Culture

Hey folks
Today we met Ara, an Rwandan entrepreneur, if he’s okay with it a post will be published shortly about his modular designing company!
Besides Zilenciocreativo he is working on some secret stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about but it was really interesting to hear about it, its expected growth and potential social impact when launched!
We also got introduced to unstructured supplementary service data (USSD). It enables feature phones to do a lot of things that smartphones do through apps and other things to make life easier e.g WAP browsing, prepaid call-back services.
Also, we had our first of many visits at Klab, Kigali’s leading tech-hub on the top floor of the building. The view it has is truly amazing. Must be so inspiring to gaze at Kigali, seeing what areas – both abstract and physical – and the opportunities this city has to one day become eminent in its region..
Anyway, checking out now, still short of sleep after the 40 hour sleepless journey,
à tout à l’heure

In Rwanda!


Finally arrived in Kigali. After a few minor incidents on the way and zero hours of sleep we are currently at Rwanda Youth Hostel (lovely place by the way). Tomorrow we will take a Moto-taxi and meet up with  Ara and the first entrepreneur will be interviewed. Hopefully we will have an interesting story and some more pictures then.

A picture from the balcony

Johannes & Tg
(was supposed to put this up yesterday but we lost internet)