First day on Indiegogo, @ 20%!

Hey all

Today we launched our Project on Indiegogo.

All the people that I’ve spoken to, that tried to successfully crowdfund a startup or Project, have all really had the same tip or point: “spread the word”, “sharing is caring” etc. is the number one rule¨. So, after a whole day in the office working only with social networking with a shipload of coffee and some sushi I must say it paid of. After ten dreadfully slow-passing minutes emails saying the first contributions had arrived. shortly thereafter they started flowing in, by the end of the day the our progress had by leaps and bounds passed our goal of 600 USD. the 1000USD milestone was breached around 5pm CET, nearly  5 hours after launch and around 21.00 20% got passed as well.

Really happy with our first day live, but our goal is still a way down the road so we got to keep up the hard work but I’m not ashamed to say that I feel enthusiastic about our chances.

Off to bed now, don’t let the bed bugs bite!


Jobberman – Nigerias No.1 Jobs Website

In March 2009 Nigeria had an unemployment rate at 19.7%. Which means 10 million Nigerians were unemployed. As usual there is a solution to every problem and in August the same year three nigerian university students founded Jobberman. Jobberman is an online website dedicated to connect people with jobs. ”The unacceptable high rate of unemployment got us totally perplexed and we decided to “take over the world (Jobs World)” and do something about it.” – they say on their webpage. In June 2011 it attracted over 50,000 unique users each day.


So what is Jobberman comparative advantage? ”We’ve got more jobs than anyone else; jobs you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve paid relentless focus to quality listings, anti-spam and products that people generally want. ” – Ayodeji Adewunmi says to Forbes. They also focused alot of social media earlier than their rivals.


It was also taken into mind that Nigeria is a strategic platform, if you can succeed there, anything is possible. As Ayodeji says – ”If you are going to be huge in Africa, Nigeria must be a key part of your strategy. This is so true, ‘Africa is the gun, Nigeria the trigger’. So by sheer market size, we are addressing a very large and interesting problem.”


Although a lot of companies like Jobberman and Njorku (another job-webpage) exists, the unemployment rate increases. Nigeria is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Nevertheless, poverty reduction and job creation have not kept pace with population and economy growth, implying social distress for an increasing number of Nigerians.

Hopefully in the future, job seekers and job providers will find each other on a bigger scale. Jobberman and its competitors will surely be around for that. As Ayodei puts it – ”The future is never clear with constant competition and natural selection. There will eventually be a preeminent industry leader as we see more print migrate online and online becomes the preferred choice for job seekers and employers. is positioning itself for this leadership spot.”

Johannes Eklind