Keepod – $7 personal computing to Nairobi

The new technology created by Keepod is a USB-stickĀ that can turn any computer into a personal device, leaving no trace a user was there once the USB has been removed. This will enable people from the slums of Nairobi to get access to services they might find on a public computer, and it may also include whatever is saved on the USB such asĀ educational programmes, health advice and information on HIV prevention or human rights literature.
Keepod together with LiveInSlums will have this going in March in they get the funding needed.

Check out the longer story and their video on:

Johannes Eklind

Done with the Abstract


We had a long meeting with Claire and Robin today and decided that it is time to stop thinking and start doing. A couple of things where decided.

1. We’re going to crowdfund the Project, though it is possible we will find a few funders without the help of a crowdfund platform.

2. The pre-interview is finished and should be sent out to all entrepreneurs we are /or wish to be in contact with.

3. We need to start writing on the blog again.

4. We need to figure out where to go and then what is required to visit the countries (visa, vaccines etc).

More information to come.

In a few days we hope to publish something about the exciting entrepreneurs we’ve talked to!

Johannes & Tg