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Johannes Eklind recently graduated from Danderyd Gymnasium where he studied Law and Economics. He is currently involved in research revolving African entrepreneurship and innovation. The results of the research will mainly be shown in this blog. He is also working with Robin Teigland in her research on open source communities such as Bitcoin and OpenSimulator. Johannes is the headwriter and creator of this blog together with TG Teigland.


TG Teigland graduated from High school alongside his fellow friend and colleague Johannes Eklind from Danderyds Gymnasium where he studied Law, Economics & Natural Science. Post-school he decided to take a gap year – a normalized procedure in Sweden – before continuing to higher studies. TG wanted to do something useful with his time, so he got involved in research working for the Stockholm School of Economics investigating primarily African social innovation and entrepreneurship.


Claire Ingram is a doctoral student at the Stockholm School of Economics’ Strategy and Competitiveness Unit. She graduated from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and followed that up with Law school at the same university. Her research interests include crowdfunding, financial innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the contrast between developed and developing countries. She, with Dr Robin Teigland of the Stockholm School of Economics, co-authored the recent report ‘Crowdfunding among IT Entrepreneurs in Sweden’ and has also co-authored several other papers on crowdfunding as well as a book chapter on Innovation and Value Creation Networks in African countries.



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